FREE support for anyone with a learning disability!
In response to the recent escalation of our Government’s Coronavirus strategy and the challenging months ahead we’re likely to face in the Social Care sector, West Sussex County Council are now offering a version of AutonoMe for FREE to any person with a Learning Disability in the UK.
AutonoMe will provide, through the App, free access to our online library of instructional videos and reminders to anyone with learning disabilities. All of our videos demonstrate skills for independent living and fall into 4 categories; cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, safety and security including how to properly wash your hands. We’re available 24/7 and work across iOS and Android smart devices.
Access to AutonoMe can support local authorities through the Coronavirus Pandemic by:

  • Reducing the need for support workers to have close contact
  • Enabling support workers to focus on those who most need support
  • Provide consistency at a time when support teams may be unfamiliar

The process for accessing AutonoMe for FREE  is as follows:

  1. Go to the West Sussex County Council website and complete a short referral form
  2. They will contact you and arrange a time for training and setup
  3. They will provide remote training for support workers and the person to install and use the app as well as training for support workers in how best to support someone to start using AutonoMe
  4. They will be available for support on support@autono.me.uk

They are offering access to AutonoMe instructional videos to anyone in the UK with learning disabilities.

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