Chris Bland, Grace Eyre’s Deputy CEO, walks us through some changes at the Montefiore Road building to make it safer and more comfortable during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Update – 05/06/20

To all service users and carers:
We’d like to update you on the current closure of Grace Eyre’s Active Lives day services. The Government are continuing to review how people should ensure their safety during the pandemic and are still continuing to apply Social Distancing measures.
Grace Eyre therefore needs to continue to keep our Active Lives day services based at Montefiore Road in Hove closed.
Government Guidance:

  • People should remain 2 metres from one another,
  • People should not gather together in indoors,
  • People in high risk categories, such as, those over 70, or those with underlying health conditions should stay at home as much as possible.

Grace Eyre’s managers and staff in Active Lives, and staff teams in Choices (supported living and community outreach), Shared Lives (shared living) and Housing will all be working together to help those most in need during this challenging time.
Active Lives have started to offer sessions online.  People can join Chair Yoga, Daily Drawing, Current Affairs, Dance, Singing, Makaton, Reading, Creative Writing and Nature based activities.  People can meet up online through these sessions to share an activity and see and talk with friends and project workers. 
Active Lives are maintaining contact with service users and their carers and can offer regular calls and some direct support for individuals with their daily exercise. The team are also using social media to promote activities people can take part in during the week. Grace Eyre Friendship has also grown and offers Zoom call sessions and Karaoke.
The Active Lives team know how important the day service is for people to see their friends and take part in activities. The team are available  on  01273 201909 or please email them on if you have any concerns or queries about the current changes .
We will continue to share any new information with you on a regular basis and as soon as we can resume services we will contact you immediately.
We would like to wish you all the best and that you all keep safe during these unprecedented times.
An easy read version of our closure update is also available.

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