Two of Grace Eyre’s Shared Lives carers have been supporting a person with learning disabilities for over ten years, have given him brilliant support and this person is now looking to move on to more independent accommodation. The carers have championed the person at each stage and are willing to support him in his new home for as much time as he needs. They have been working with him on cooking and laundry, and coaching him around safety. It’s amazing to see a person fully in control of their dreams. On speaking to him he said, “I’m thankful for everything my carers have done for me and this has enabled me to move on to living on my own, it’s time and I’m ready!”
This shows that the carer and the person living with them have never lost sight of the goal of independent living and no matter how long the journey, there is a fantastic destination at the end. Grace Eyre – supporting people to achieve their dreams.
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