People with learning disabilities tell us ‘we want to lead healthy lives: learning new things and keeping fit’ and ‘we want to have strong and supported relationships’.
Hear about how the Sports for All project helped make this happen for Sean!

Sean attends a weekly Kickboxing class – this session centres on fitness, fun and friendship. Sean doesn’t always have the opportunity to see his friends as much as he would like, but this space gives him that chance to spend time with the people he wants to – building strong and supported relationships. They all have a great time working out and building up a sweat together.
Sean’s kickboxing skills have improved too! People with learning disabilities may sometimes experience obstacles to participating in physical activities. This kickboxing session has been a great chance for Sean to push himself physically and learn new skills. As a result, Sean’s stress levels and confidence have improved. Martin, who runs the session, has also noticed the positive changes in Sean and the way he carries himself now.
This story shows the huge impact that sport can have on many different aspects of a person with learning disabilities life. You can find out more about Sport for All here.

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